Honestly my biggest problem either starting photography was that people didnt think that I was good enough, and didn’t have any faith in my ability. Maybe they just weren’t paying any attention to the passion I had, or just thought that this was a phase that I was going through, or that I was just testing out this career path. Maybe people thought It was just something I liked at the moment, but the truth is I love photography, and I strive to work hard at it.

Although I can’t spend all the time I’d like on it because of school. I still practice as much as I can. In case you were wondering I only shoot on weekends. I can’t let photography conflict with school or else I probably won’t be doing photography at all!

I hope that if your considering me as the photographer for your event you’ll know that this is my passion, and that to me photography is more than getting a cool photo…it’s about expressing what I see in real life and trying to put it in print.
Don’t let anyone tell you your not good enough, or that your not ready for Photography or anything just work all the harder, and keep your eyes on the goal! This is your chance…DON’T WASTE IT!

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