The weather is saying we’re gonna get snow! I live in the south where snow is a rare, and beautiful site to see. Of course I would never miss a chance to shoot some photos of this whole new world.
 Snow is Absolutely the most fun part of winter for me. Don’t think I’m crazy. I’ve only seen snow 15 times my whole life for about 2 days at the most. I’ll probably be up all night watching the snow fall, and planning to take photos the next day. Be sure to check out my website next week. It will most likely be full of snow pictures!

The reason I pull up the snow topic is because I want to present a problem for beginner photographers. We can’t afford those fancy DSLRs with weatherproof bodies and weatherproof lenses.

Here are 5 simple tips on how not to ruin your camera and enjoy photography in the snow.

  1. Always wear a sturdy & secure strap for your camera. (This reduces the risk of dropping the camera.)
  2. Wear shoes that have excellent traction. (This helps you not to trip or lose your balance.)
  3. Try not to use large lenses. (When shooting landscape use a lense that captures the beauty of the snow without having a bulky lense. When shooting portraits just use a prime lens. This cuts down on weight, and if you drop your camera the smaller lenses aren’t as heavy and won’t break as easily.)
  4. Stay clear of icy patches in the road. (This is for your safety, and they life of your camera!)
  5. Have fun! ( This purely for your benifit.)

Get out there and brave the cold. Enjoy the beauty of creation. The snow might create challenges for some photographers, but I say BRING IT ON!

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