I love shooting in Manual Mode on my camera. It’s better than just picking up a camera and shooting. You can choose what look you want to give your photos.

First turn the dial on your camera to M ( which stands for Manual Mode.)

There is an imaginary triangle of three important things you should track as your taking photos in Manual Mode.

I have found that when you keep these three important aspects of photography aligned together you can have a bright, clear, and beautiful photo.  

  • Shutter Speed simply has do deal with how long the mirror is exposing the image. The faster your shutter speed, the brighter the image. The slower your shutter speed, the darker your image. This will change the brightness and detail of your photo. The picture above is an indicator that you will see inside the viewfinder when your press the shutter button halfway down to focus the camera. This indicator helps you to know if your photo has the correct exposure level. When the needle is at zero than you’ll know your photo have the correct amount of brightness…provided the two other aspects of Manual Mode are in order.
  • ISO (International Standard Organization) is the adjustment of your camera sensor’s sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO the more noise/grain will apear in your image. The most common time you would raise your ISO is when your in a low light situation which will help you to have a fast shutter speed but still have a somewhat bright photo. Generally you want to have a low ISO.
  • Aperture is how wide your lens opening is. This will effect the brightness of your photo. In pretty much every situation you will want to have the lowest ISO possible.

If you keep these three things in balance you can have a beautiful photo. Always check the needle and make sure it’s near to zero so you won’t lose one precious moment of your life.

The information in this blog is not extensive and is general information for a beginner in Manual Mode Photographs. Please comment if you have any questions. And please be sure to share this blog with anyone you know who might seek this helpful information. Thanks you!

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