MY 2016

From starting high school to starting my business, here’s a rundown of my 2016 year!

First off I have to say that I couldn’t be more thankful for everything God has given me this past year. Even though some days were tough, God was always by my side.

In first part of 2016 I didn’t even have a phone! So I used my tablet to design and process my website which was a graphic design blog. I love graphic design and have lots of fun designing, but I’ve always loved photography more. In August I bought an iPod for myself and absolutely loved the camera on the device, but my true passion was to buy a DSLR. So then I started saving. I received my first camera shortly after, and following…my first iPhone!

Earlier in June my aunt got married to her wonderful husband who was diagnosed my severe cancer. They planned their wedding in one week! I fell in love with wedding photography as I (for the first time) watched a wedding photographer take photos “behind the scenes.” I got to better understand how hard photographers work. I didn’t scare me…it made me want to be a photographer even more.

That leads me to how I started my business. My dad is an Entrepreneur in the graphic design business for thirty years. He has kept his business small but with good reason. It is for these reasons that I asked him to help me plan my business. His experience helped me start Caleb Olivero Photography. 

My year over all was an incredible learning experience, and I thank the Lord for helping me watch for opportunities to learn and to Listen. This year was the best year yet! I hope you had an amazing year too. Thanks to Christa Rene Photography for her wonderful help in giving  me some valuable tips that I will carry on forever.

Have a wonderful 2017!

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