Well it’s spring, or at least it feels like it. The flowers are coming out and they’re onto out for a couple of weeks so QUICK! grab your camera and head outside to capture the beauty of spring. 

Here are a few tips on how to get perfect pictures!!  
1. Plan ahead by having a list of flowers that will look amazing on screen. Keep a record of the colors you’ve had a lot of so that you can have a range of colors to present. This will keep your website and posts eye catching. Sometimes you can go to flower gardens to get the best flower shot to make your website look prepared for the spring and summer months! 
2. Be sure to take allergy medicine with you on your spring and early summer shoots this way you won’t get caught without any and have watering eyes. This won’t help you see very well through the view finder. Bring some UV lens protectors and make sure that you camera is wether sealed because the rain is just too unpredictable. 
3. Keep the high spirits on spring within your heart and keep the promise of God’s faithful love in your heart! Enjoy taking candids of people enjoying the beauty of spring. The the spirit of a candid is the convey a the real emotion of life. So if you keep the happy spirit of spring in your photos, those who see them will be pleased to see a joyful spirit about your website. Convey Spring!! 

Thank you for reading! Please be sure to share like or leave a comment! 

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