Partners in Crime 

Well I love photography if you didn’t know, and I love to do things by myself, but I can’t do everything on my own. I want to be direct in case someone is reading this wanting to know if they should branch out too! 

I decided to start my business because I knew that I could begin to deliver quality photos and a good customer service to my clients. Of course I want to give the best quality business experience possible, and have been learning how to better my customers experience with my business. I have gained significant experience with cameras this past year, have learned so much! 

Yes, there was a point where I just wanted to quit. I couldn’t believe how competitive this market is, and just how much work it would take to learn what I needed to, but finally I have, and there is so much  more learning to come. 

I can’t do everything on my own. I like to call the people who help me with my business my partners in crime. I like to think about my business as a one man job, but I really do need lots of help from my assistants and even my parents! My dad has been such an amazing help to me as he has been in business for 30 years! My “partners in crime” have helped me get to where I am today…Thank you! Just in case you’re wondering when I say partners in crime I promise I’m not robbing you! I just feel this expression perfectly describes the way every photographer feels when trying to pull off a wedding or a big portrait session. Without the hard work of these people the photos that you see wouldn’t exist. Sometimes I like to take them with me on family photoshoots mainly to take photos of me so my clients get to see me on the job, and of course I take them to weddings to help me, and to take photos as well! 

I can’t do it alone and I thank everyone who took the time to help me out. I know I’ll progress in the future, but I’ll always need my partners in crime!  

Thanks for all your help! I appreciate you reading this blog! Please be sure to share! Also if you want to give me some feedback, just go to the feedback page on the website and you can go from there. Thanks! 

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