Graduation Then Vacation

Graduation is an exciting time for everyone! Of course so is vacation!

In this blog I want to offer some helpful tips for your graduation and vacation photos! Let’s take those precious photos and turn them from “Oh Nice.” To “Wow that looks so cool!”

I love to see people’s photos! I perceive that every time you take a photo, you take it because there’s something you want to remember later. Something important. Something you can’t put into words. Every photo displays an important message. Hopefully these following tips will help you show the message of joy even better!

I love looking forward to my Graduation day, and I love to se the joy on the grad’s faces! If you’re looking for a graduation photographer I love to share my passion with others. I currently offer graduation portraits for $70 with no time limit! Just click HERE to see my info page.



I’m not saying you need to have a DSLR camera or even a nice one! Just use your phone! There are a few moments you just have to capture at your family member’s graduation. The first is the over all senior class. You want to have a picture of your family member’s classmates. Next you really want to get  a shot of them walking up to get their diploma because the look on their face is sure to be priceless! Make sure to get plenty of photos with the family, and of course, yourself. Lastly you have to get the iconic cap throwing. These moments will help you capture the essence of this happy time in life! I Hope these tips help! Be sure to take as many pictures as you can. Don’t let the memories get away, and mKe sure your flash is turned off!


Family vacations are another crazy and fun time for the family. A great way to bond is for the whole family to jump in for a selfie! Wherever you go to, Mae sure to get some photos of the scenery, and setting.  The beaut of the whole isn’t just the setting, but the family, so capture as many candids as possible. Just capture the moment. Ask yourself what you want to look back and remember 1 or 10 years from now, but seroouisly what do you want to never forget.

I love watching families bond! If you need family portraits, I offer them at $70 with no time limit! Click HERE to see my info page.



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