Defining Success

Today I want to talk about my biggest misfortune in the world of photography…Success Rate.

A Success Rate in photography is a ratio of usable photos to unusable photos.

I have a camera that is great, but my old one isn’t. trying to get good photos out of it was like trying to win the lottery. It just wasn’t right for me. I would try and try to get good photos on shoots, but at the end I would only have 8 good ones out of 200. That’s an 8:200 ratio. If you haven’t already guessed…that’s bad! I’d be excited for the 8 that turned out, but disturbed thinking it was the camera. To some degree, it was, but I had some things to learn.

  1. If you can’t get a reasonable shutter speed, then do whatever you need to to get one. Don’t sacrifice usable photos, for a great ISO number.
  2. Don’t shoot portraits in direct sunlight without using a reflector/light diffuser. The harsh shadows and lines they create are not flattering!
  3. It’s ok to not do so well at first. You just need to keep trying and have fun while doing so!

After learning those tips and many more, I learned that my definition of success was “everything has to be perfect” but now my definition has changed to “I successfully took a few good shots. Nothing has to be perfect, and nothing ever will be.” Don’t get discouraged, just enjoy the few moments of success you get and keep working hard.

How do you Define Success?

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