Today I want share with you the power of “perspective.”

In all honesty the angle of the shot can change everything about your photo. With every photo the photographer has a specific message they are trying to convey. For instance if you’re shooting a wedding, the obvious message you are wanted to send is joy, love, and happiness, or at least something close to that!

If you’re concentrating on that specific idea than you’ll try and have the cutest poses and biggest smiles that you can get, but maybe you’re in a situation where people are not your subjects. You have to think of creative ways to display the object that will bring out its’ best look.


Now with Buildings sometimes the wrong perspective can cause the building to look distorted, but some of the most beautiful Buildings in the world are very tall, so the further you stand from the building the less distorted it may become. (This doesn’t apply to every situation)

No flower is perfect, and in this case of this picture there is no flower blooming. The main thing to remember is to find the flower’s most flattering side/angle. A low aperture should be used to focus solely on the delicate petals.


I highly recommend using prime lenses mainly because they are not zoom lenses. This gives you the opportunity to move around and use different angles. You may not have an idea of what perspective really looks like for your photos, but you don’t need a fancy camera to experiment. Before you take your next photo, think about how changing the perspective might change the way people see the moment. What message do you want to give? Can you prove your point?

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