How to Create Works that are Fire

It’s a little late, but I have to share these epic photos with you! This past Fourth of July, I had the opportunity to get a great spot to take pictures of fireworks downtown. I have didn’t taken pictures of fireworks before so I was not expecting to get any usable shots, but I learned a few things that helped me to have a few successful photos!


1. Its all about timing

Choose the right time to take the shot. You can always take burst shots, or watch carefully for when the firework just explodes. The contrails should be showing to give the best effect possible.

2. Watch your camera settings

Know that your camera exposure settings will not be accurate, and you’ll just have to experiment with them to get them right. You want to have the sky black, but you don’t want the fireworks to be blurry or overexposed. (it makes them lose their color)

3. Make sure you don’t miss the moment

Even if you know your photos aren’t going to be the best, just go for it, and enjoy making memories with family and friends!

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