The Bookmark Series

Thank for Reading my First Blog of Twenty Eighteen!


I’m so excited to introduce my new series to you! In this series I want to share with you the things I’m up to lately. It’s time for me to get personal and honest. I hope this series will encourage you, and make you laugh! Please be sure to share this post on social media, and feel free to comment, and like! Thanks. Enjoy!


So I have this thing where I can’t get mind off of an idea till I’ve tried it! Recently I purchased a new lens that I’d been wanting to use so bad! It’s an 85mm. For you who aren’t photographers this is a lens that most consider one of the best portrait lenses of all time.


It’s actually so heavy! It’s got a lot of glass in it. I’m so glad I bought it. I was scared tho spend so much money at first, but after I did my first photo shoot with it, I knew it was worth the money! Here are a few of my favorite photos from that first shoot!


There were quite a few things I learned on that first shoot. One big thing was to not use the lowest aperture available. If you’re close to a subject, and your shooting a really shallow aperture, then only half of the subject’s face may be in focus.

Example A:

Only Her hand and one eye are in good focus.
So that’s probably the biggest thing I learned. Now I’m glad I did so I didn’t mess up a great moment like this later.



Isn’t this the most precious thing ever! I’m so glad I used a good aperture number this time. If you’re wondering more about aperture, just click here for a quick explanation from my summer email series!

Well that’s about it for today. I hope you learned something today, and I hope you understand that this year (2017) has been such a learning experience for me! Thanks for reading! be sure to share this blog on social media!


newproject_1_original (9)


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