Out of the Comfort Zone

If you know me than you might have the slight impression that I’m a very outgoing person. If you gathered that impression…than you’re right! I am usually super outgoing when it comes to talking to people, but when I’m doing photoshoot I get nervous. I hate thinking that as I’m having fun taking pictures, I could be messing up. I always hate to disappoint clients, and myself. So one thing that I continue to tell myself is that I’m not a professional yet. I’m only in my second year of photography, and it’s been great. Sometimes I think the only reason I stress is because I’ve set my personal expectations way too high. To be honest, I do have a place I want to be when this year closes out, and that’s a good thing. It’s when I worry that I begin to make an idol of good photos.

God continues to remind me that I have a spirit of power, love, and of sound mind. I’m being vulnerable by sending the photos I’ve taken to someone, and sometimes it’s scary. What if they don’t like them? Well, it’s ok. As long as I’m giving my best, and honoring God, I’ll be ok! If I never step out of the comfort zone, then I’ll never grow, or have stories to tell. So, is there something in your life you’re thinking about right now? Guess what? Maybe now is the time to step out of your comfort zone! God didn’t design life to be easy, but He sure did design it to be an amazing ride! Step out of the comfort zone!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this is an encouragement to you. Please be sure to share this blog on social media! Remember, portrait sessions are now only $40 an hour! You can let me know you’re interested by filling out the form on the Schedule Your Session page. Thanks again!

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