Back At It

Hey Everyone,

I have been gone for so long. But I’m back with more blogs, and a new website layout! I so excited that summer is finally here. School has pretty much taken over my life for the past 10 months, but now I’m here for “the big takeover.” It’s time for me to push myself to make this website even better! There are so many things that you need to have on a website to give customers the right appeal. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for a while if I’m being honest, but that’s ok. If you’re not sure about the appeal to my business, I think I might have something to help. I absolutely love to take photos! And if you are considering my business, but have some concerns I’m here to talk! You can email me with any questions you have. So this blog is simply sharing with you what I’ve been up to.



Starting Today Until the end of July ALL Portrait sessions are 25% percent off!

This sale will still apply if you schedule a session in the month of July, but have the date scheduled for another month. 

Spring is a big time for most photographers, and this was my first crazy spring. I loved it! It’s so much fun to be busy sometimes…but if I am being honest, not always. So I would like to share a few photos I’ve taken recently that I really enjoyed taking!


I had so much fun taking these photos. The best part by far was working with these lovely people. I’m sure you have seen one or more of these photos before, but I haven’t had a chance to share them with you!


I had so much fun working with the Sellers! They had such a wonderful spirit, and they had the best smiles, along with the best jokes! I took these pictures at Furman University. Golden hour is my favorite time of day to take photos, and I would say that these photos turned out great! But what really counts is what Mr. Sellers had to say. Also who would just listen to me? Here’s what he had to say.

“Very grateful for Caleb’s excellent work. He was a joy to work with both before and after the shoot. We are thrilled with how great the photos turned out. They make a wonderful addition to our home.”

– Kevin


Here’s what Alex had to say about her senior portraits!

“Caleb took my senior portraits and they were amazing! I enjoyed working with him very much. He’s all smiles and knows the perfect time and place to take the type of photos you’re looking for. I highly recommend this photographer!”


I have had a lot of fun just taking pictures with my camera, and phone just for fun! Here are a few I would love to share with you!



I added quite a few because I just love photography! So now you know what I’ve been up to. I’ve been busy, and my business is getting better! It’s so much fun to share what I’ve been up to with you, and I hope you’ll come back for more! If you want to know when I post then follow my website on the menu bar, and check for a confirmation email! Be sure to share this post with your friends, and don’t forget I’m still scheduling portrait sessions so schedule yours now!

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