S  T  A  R  Y   N  I  G  H  T

This blog is all about night time photos!
Come join me as we jump in to the amazing world of night photography.





Ever thought about getting artsy with lights? Well, here are a few of my tips. First, don’t buy lights that are too bright.






Left: Most recent photo Right: First moon photo

I had so much to learn when it came to the moon. It’s a tough subject to photograph because of lighting, timing (due to waiting for a full moon), and white balance, (the color the moon will end up looking like)




When it comes to long exposure night time photos may I just say…Practice Makes Perfect. Oh, also a tripod is a no brainer. You can’t hold a camera still for that long.

You can purchase a high quality mini tripod that should do the trick for only $29.95! That’s a good price if you want to work on night photography for a while. Down below is a link if you are interested.




I took this photo last year of 4th of July. All the photos I took last year turned out really nice! Unfortunately, this year didn’t go so weak, and I won’t be sharing those fails with you because  they were so and they didn’t turn out at all. But that’s ok. You live and you learn…right? What kind of writer would I be if was wasn’t honest about my failures?


If you have been following my blog for a while, I know what you are thinking. How many times is he going to share this photo with us? Well, I know you’ve seen it around a few times, but its one of my favorites! I spend a chilly several hours outside capturing 24 time lapse photos. This is the only one that turned out how I wanted and I felt super proud! Clearly though the cold must have gotten to me because I forget what camera settings I used, and now I haven’t been able to recreate it since. I now write down what I did after I take a good photo because different weather conditions will yield different results. And yes, for you photographers out there, I know that in lightroom you can view which settings you used, but I made the mistake of deleting the original after editing it. So I guess if we are talking just about my photography for the time being, this photo truly is one of a kind.

Thank You for Reading!


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