H O W  I  S T A R T E D

Hey, I’m Caleb. I am 17 and a Junior in High School. I live in Greenville, South Carolina. Greenville is such a beautiful city, and I’m always inspired by the beautiful skies, and trees. You’re probably wondering how I started my business, and I am so excited to share this with you!

Life isn’t easy, but it’s beautiful!

One year at Christmas, after 6 months of hinting, my parents bought me a beginner level Canon. I was so excited because I thought I knew what I was doing. The truth is…I was absolutely clueless. I began wanting to learn. I read articles and watched videos, and then began to practice.

Now here I am celebrating my 2nd Year Anniversary! I’m thankful God has taught me to be patient and not give up! There are plenty of times when I just wanted to quit because I wasn’t good enough, but instead of giving up God helped me get up and work hard until I accomplished what I wanted to. Life isn’t easy, but it’s beautiful!

 M Y  P U R P O S E

My favorite part about photography is that I can capture life’s most precious moments. I love working with my sweet customers! It’s great fun to go out and capture a person’s gorgeous smile! A picture is worth a 1,000 words!

I am continuing to learn so much! I love to write blogs right here on the website so be sure to read them. I hope you’ll get to know me really well! God has given us so much to enjoy in this life, and I am giving my best to capture all the joy we have in Christ! And this is why I believe that we can see the world beautifully, clearly.

F U N  F A C T S

Well, first off I love running! I started running to help lose weight, and I ended up losing 35 pounds! Every morning I love to get up before school, and run. After every long school day I love to just get out again and run! It’s just a great way to stay fit, and get rid of some energy.

I also love sparkling water! I know a ton of people don’t, and I didn’t used to either, but my parents never really let me drink much soda, so I started drinking drinks like La Croix, San Pellegrino, and Perrier. I actually won’t sit down to edit without a grapefruit La Croix.

So, you know how most teenagers are addicted to their phones? I felt like I was too one day when a friend recommended that I try some things, and see if it was hard to not look at my phone.

I leave my phone on my desk to charge at night instead of next to my bed. This makes sure I don’t look at my phone first thing when I wake up. And as an added blessing… I have to get up out of bed to turn off my alarm.

I don’t look at the news anymore. I found myself looking at the news at least an hour a day. There is too much negativity and I just don’t need that yet. I do think that we should stay current, and keep up with our world, but everything in balance right?

I will add more fun facts later! Thanks for reading!